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White mulberry

Mulberry Shahtoot or King White

  • Product description: Sell Mulberry Shahtoot or King White tree, a large number of wholesale white long fruit mulberry seedlings, white long fruit mulberry taste sweet
Mulberry Shahtoot or King White a high-quality rare white long fruit Mulberry Varieties, sugar content can reach more than 20%, fruity, mulberry fruit mulberry sapling is gold base in 2018 to promote new mulberry varieties, taste better than Taiwanese super long fruit mulberry. After has many batches of clients and experts on-site tasting, agreed that the breed has a very high value of popularization.

Gold Ren breed name: ointment
Results age: 2-3 years
Number of acres planted: 110-220 strains
Annual production of mulberry: more than 2000 jin
Planting temperature: - 3 degrees above (below 3 degrees below zero in winter to keep the plant)

The many features like long fruit mulberry varieties and can bring a long good customer recommended planting fruit mulberry
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