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  • Long  Mulberry Tree Seedlings
  • Long  Mulberry Tree Seedlings
  • Long  Mulberry Tree Seedlings
Long  Mulberry Tree SeedlingsLong  Mulberry Tree SeedlingsLong  Mulberry Tree Seedlings

Long Mulberry Tree Seedlings

  • Product description: Long Mulberry Tree Seedlings,Mulberry Varieties:Pakistani Mulberry
Long  Mulberry tree Seedlings, super sweet and sour, and fruity. It is a tropical species, it is recommended to plant in the south of the Yangtze River, and it needs a greenhouse in the north.

Taiwan's super long fruit mulberry is Taiwan's long fruit mulberry, also known as super fruit mulberry, Taiwan's four seasons long fruit mulberry, beautiful fruit mulberry, purple gold honey mulberry, Taiwan introduced varieties, high sugar content, no acid, suitable for fresh food. Taiwan's super long fruit mulberry fruit is slender, fruit length 8-12 cm, longest 18 cm, fruit diameter 0.5-1.2 cm, fruit weight up to 20 grams, beautiful appearance, good taste, high sugar content, sugar content 18- 20%, sweet and sour, more than 2,500 kg per mu, with four seasons of habits. Taiwan's super long fruit mulberry is one of the most popular fruit mulberry in recent years. It is an indispensable precious variety in sightseeing picking gardens and is suitable for planting in southern China. Taiwan's super-long fruit mulberry seedlings are expensive, and long-fruit mulberry cultivation is slightly more complicated than other varieties. Because it is a tropical species, the northern species is easy to drop fruit. It is recommended to introduce a small amount of seeds, and it is possible to plant a large number of seedlings.

Fruit mulberry name: Taiwan long fruit mulberry

Fruit mulberry specifications: (different in each season)

Fruit mulberry characteristics: the sweetness can reach up to 20%, and the fruit can be up to 18cm.

Result years: fruit in the second year, high yield in 4 years

The number of acres planted: 110-330 (row spacing 1-2, plant spacing 2-3 meters)

Annual yield of mulberry leaves: 800kg or more
Annual production of mulberry: more than 2500kg (easy to drop fruit, production is difficult to guarantee 噢)

When the winter seedlings are in the ground, they are generally more than 1 meter high. For transportation convenience, we usually cut them to about 20-40cm. The seedlings are thick and thin. If you need to specify the size, please contact us to discuss the price. The survival rate of seedling size seedlings is not very large.


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