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White mulberry

  • baiyuwang
  • baiyuwang
  • baiyuwang


  • Product description: Large white mulberry varieties - King White Mulberry , a large number of wholesale antifreeze white mulberry trees, grafting white mulberry fruit base

Product description: wholesale Bai Yuwang( King White Mulberry) fruit mulberry sapling, zhejiang tongxiang fruit mulberry sapling base straight affordable. Bai Yuwang is one of the biggest white fruit Mulberry Varieties, Bai Yuwang ripe sweetness is higher, after but Bai Yuwang growth is slow, easy to fruit, but the frost resistance is better。

Bai Yuwang fruit mulberry sapling tree, thin branches, leaves smaller, high rate of flower bud, 3.5 4.0 cm long, diameter 1.5 centimeters, their shape, weight of 4-5 grams, 10 grams, the largest fruit color ivory, juice, sweet thick, sugar content as high as 20%, huanghuai basin on mid to late may mature, mature about 30 days, mulberry notes about 1000 kilograms per mu, produce 1500 kilograms of mulberry leaves. Strong adaptability, drought resistance to cold, it is a big fruit type Ye Guo combination varieties, mulberry notes for fresh food, can also be processing

Bai Yuwang mature white, antifreeze, branches grow slowly, there will be fruit drop phenomenon, so it is difficult to high-yield, Bai Yuwang in white mulberry is a most bigger of the two varieties.


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