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Mulberry Varieties

  • 72C002
  • 72C002
  • 72C002
72C002 72C002 72C002


  • Product description: High-yield mulberry varieties, processed mulberry varieties, mulberry fruit saplings

Product Description: Wholesale Taiwan fruit 72C002 Mulberry seedlings, processing type Mulberry Varieties 72C002 is a very high yield of mulberry varieties, the output may be more than 4,000 kg, planting technology can reach more than 6000 kg. The fruit mulberry seed base 72C002 also has another name called “Four Seasons Fruit Mulberry”, but under normal circumstances, it will not have four seasons. In the south, it can reach two seasons through germination.

Mulberry Varieties 72C002 is a high-yield special product selected from the agricultural improvement farm of Miaoli City, Taiwan Province. It is widely planted in Taiwan as a sightseeing and leisure farm and processing fresh mulberry juice drinks and food. After many years of introduction and observation, the author has strong adaptability and high yield performance.

1. Characteristic characteristics. The tree is strong and vigorous, the main branches are short and thick, the multi-layer side branches, the branches are short, and the results are developed and the yield is high. The skin is grayish brown, the winter bud is fat and yellowish brown, and the leaves are small. The mulberry is large and even, purple-brown, with a neat shape, good taste and maturity.

2. Production performance. The germination rate is as high as 98%, and each mulberry bud produces 3-6 mulberry fruit. The average fruit weight is 4.5 grams, and the long fruit yield per metre is 550 grams. The 4 year old single plant produces 40 kilograms of fruit, and 110-450 per acre. The plant produces about 3,500 kilograms of fruit, which is three times the output of the big ten varieties in the same period. Under natural conditions, the results are 2 times a year.

3. Cultivation points. It can be planted in various soils in tropical and subtropical regions. The line spacing is 3 meters, the plant spacing is 0.5-2 meters, and the medium and low dry cultivation is carried out. In June and July, the organic fertilizer is re-applied, and the chicken manure and bean cake are excellent, which promotes the differentiation and formation of flower buds, which can significantly improve the yield and quality. Use "cyanogen" or "cyanamide calcium" to spray wet mulberry trees, promote flowering results, regulate the delivery period, and produce fresh mulberry fruit for 8 months in a year. Due to its unique structure, it has a high ornamental value for greening and bonsai. Cultivation in a greenhouse can significantly improve economic efficiency.


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