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Mulberry industry information

Small mulberry industry, spin industry chain, increasing the income of the collective

In seven Chen tao district town village, planting Mulberry, the basis of the cultivation of the mulberry is called fruit Ren, fruit Ren fruit contains rich active protein, vitamins, amino acids, such as nutrition is 5 to 6 times that of apple, has a variety of efficacy, known by the medical profession as the "best health fruit" of the twentieth century, general office of the provincial government in town seven village and Cui Zhuang Chen village "first secretary" Hou Xidong, li tao will take advantage of this innate superiority, with the great articles.
"Chose this project at the outset, is to see the fruit Ren in deep processing of edible and potential, we just days wisdom green company and more close, can be directly sent to the factory for further processing, the formation of the farmers and the planting pattern of the enterprise." Hou Xidong said. At present, the town of planting area of 150 acres, the company offer in 3 dollars, people have no trouble back at home, also planting scale is gradually expanding.
Small mulberry not only let the village collective income, but also let the poor in the village found the "get rich". Li tao and Hou Xidong decided after deliberation, make full use of existing resources of mulberry, prolong the industrial chain, increase the income of the village collective. After repeated arguments, two decision and days wisdom green leaves, first secretary of the company, the two "first secretary" all help Bao Village poverty alleviation fund 600000 yuan invested to the mulberry processing workshop.
"This 600000 yuan into the day after wisdom green leaves the company, the company 13% of the minimum annual take out money returns to the village collective, that is to say the two village will have at least 10, 78000 yuan a year, pay after 5 years in a row, 600000 yuan again returned to the village collective." Hou Xidong says, "so, the village collective income, can guarantee the poor in the village, also can develop the village public welfare undertakings, village collective cohesion will be enhanced."


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