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A mulberry sapling a dream, are two acres of land rush

Natural guyuan city, ningxia west solid was barren and love of the land, in June 2017 legal channels melting cast group company entered here, a group of people with dreams to rich join to legal channels melting cast entrepreneurship... Plant protein of Mulberry, simple and honest and simple people, just a few months, has formed thousands of entrepreneurship, this piece of arid and semi-arid land living people, how like green, because they watch too much loess, mountains and became their dream.
Today, silkworm industry in our country's agricultural land and coruscate gives new vitality. Mulberry industry development in China and it is to meet the three benefits of prime agricultural development simultaneously, a model and example. Chongqing sea field of forestry science and technology co., LTD., chairman of Mr. Ren rong "proceedings in China" reporter interview, said the mulberry industry can make a "golden mountain, the aquatic silver", land to produce a health and safety of food at the same time, the output of industrial raw materials.
Shen Guofang academicians, vice President of the Chinese academy of the original evaluation, protein mulberry planting for the success of beaches, libraries, pond down rivers and mountains and land use governance, and even a lot of suitable for planting mulberry, points out a development model of ecological and economic balance.
Legal channels melting cast group chairman NiBaoSen said: protein of easy living, adaptable to the environment, and the whole body is treasure, high economic value, the legal channels melting cast into evalution in ningxia region, the main is through the protein of mulberry planting, create Shared farm, drive the local rich, do precision industry out of poverty, gold roots agricultural protein, a mulberry sapling a dream, from now on two acres of land ran off.


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