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Mulberry effect and good food

Is seedless mulberry a genetically modified plant?

In the sale of fruit Mulberry seedlings, Zhang often asked customers whether I was “is seedless mulberry fruit genetically modified?” or “seedless mulberry fruit is not safe”. Today, I talked about the problem of seedless mulberry genetically modified by the insecurities of seedless Dasansu. Actually seedless big ten is not as seedless as people think. It is genetically modified. Because the big mulberry fruit actually has a small amount of seeds, some fruits have one or two seeds and the seeds are not strong, so the taste is very good. The seeds of other Mulberry Varieties are all seeds, there are small tens of seeds, some seeds are still relatively large.
Seed mulberry and seedless mulberry

Seedless large mulberry
Seedless Dajiu is a single strain selected by the Guangdong hybrid mulberry offspring in Dalilang Village, Xiqiao District, Nanhai County, Guangdong Province in 1977. The No. 10 strain was named “Big 10”. , and other places selected individual plants are kept in the resource garden.
From 1982 onwards, the investigation and comparison of the yield, quality, and mulberry yield and quality traits of excellent single plants in resource gardens revealed that the seeds of the “large 10” mulberry were few and the seeds were not strong. Chromosomal examination showed that it was a triploid. After more than 20 years of research and promotion, according to the international online search, “Big 10” was the earliest cultivated fruit and leaf dual-purpose mulberry species at home and abroad, and was also the first non-mulberry mulberry variety. It was awarded Guangdong Province in 2005. Third prize for science and technology.

Seedless mulberry varieties without seeds are already an old variety, but so far none of the fresh-picking varieties can compete with the Seedless Big Ten. It is currently the most widely grown variety in the mulberry picking garden. At present, we have a new variety called “Xiang Jin Pi”. It has a sweet taste and rich aroma. It is worthy of promotion. If you are interested, you can search for “Xiang Jin Pi” on Baidu.


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