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Mulberry seedlings is a professional introduction of mulberry planting technology website, and to provide you with high-quality varieties of mulberry seedlings.

The results of mulberry mulberry, mulberry leaf can into the dish or drink tea with food, also called mulberry mulberry, which is nutritious also has health care function, but also taste delicious. Can also make mulberry juice beverage and wine of mulberry fruit wine. We have ten varieties of mulberry seedless red mulberry mulberry, Taiwan super long, Taiwan four high yield mulberry 46C019/72C002, Taiwan fat white jade white mulberry mulberry mulberry, Wang Miao, Korean White pearl white mulberry red agate, white mulberry, mulberry mulberry sweet high yield of Japanese Fuji, Shaanxi 8236 cold resistant mulberry leaf red No. 2 North. With mulberry mulberry two, and Yu 711, Nongsang 14, No. 2, mulberry seedlings investigated in this study and other dozens of high quality varieties



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